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8 Creative Home Gym Ideas for 2021

Home gym ideas

Richard McKay |

2021 is the year to take your home gym to the next levels. There’s so much equipment and technology to consider; it can be difficult choosing the right aesthetic for your home and workout. Whether you’re creating a yoga sanctuary or a motivational spot for your Peloton bike, here are eight creative home gym ideas to upgrade your fitness space. 

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  • Home Gym vs Gym Membership 
  • 8 Creative Home Gym Ideas

Home Gym vs Gym Membership 

Home gym ideas


There are several reasons why many people decide to build a home gym. Home gym flooring UK is a great way to create a space that motivates you to work out and stay healthy. You can save time and money by working out at home. During the pandemic, gyms were closed, meaning people had to find a new way to work out from home. With live streaming and on-demand fitness, you can jump into your favorite class from the comfort of your own home gym. 

If you love to work out during your lunch break when working from home or don’t want to sit in traffic in your commute to the gym, a home gym has multiple benefits. Although there is an initial cost of building a home gym or purchasing equipment, you don’t have to pay ongoing fees, and you’re not tied into a contract. You don’t have to worry about opening hours or any other members hogging your gym equipment. 

8 Creative Home Gym Ideas

Home gym ideas


A home gym can be as simple as a corner in the living room with a few weights to a purpose-built garden gym building. Here are eight creative home gym ideas to inspire your fitness space. 

1. Loft Home Gym

Home gym ideas


If you have an unused loft, you can convert it into a home gym. Remove any stored items and convert your storage area into a light and airy fitness room. Although this space may not be great for exercises with lots of jumping and running because of the sound below, it’s perfect for yoga, cycling, and lifting weights. You can escape from the rest of the house and find tranquility in your workout space. 

2. Add New Tech and Gadgets

Home gym ideas

Nowadays, there’s technology, gadgets and gizmos for all things health and fitness. Think about adding smart home fitness equipment for an effective workout. Wearables, heart rate monitors, and smart equipment can stream live classes and track your fitness. 

3. Home Yoga Studio

Home gym ideas


You can turn a spare bedroom, reception room, or loft into a home yoga studio. Invest in a large mirror, a woven rug, and some nice storage compartments for all your yoga essentials. Create a light and bright room with plenty of plants and soothing scents for yoga and meditation sessions. 

4. Bright and Airy Home Gym

Home gym ideas


If you take your car and storage boxes out of the garage, you can create a neutral bright and airy home gym. Opt for a light-coloured flooring that’s super functional but looks great as well. You can add accents of colours, mirrors, and lighting to add more flair to the area. If you can, install large windows to let in a lot of light. 

5. Scandinavian Home Gym

Home gym ideas


Think white walls, wooden flooring, and minimalist design. Airy spaces filled with light. Use neutral colours as well as dark muted hues. It’s about creating a multifunctional yet beautiful space. Add great looking gym equipment, some greenery, and finish off with a statement light pendant. 

6. Bright and Bold Colours

Home gym ideas


Make a splash with a colourful, bright and bold home gym. Use bright coloured gym tiles or vinyl flooring to create a colourful base. Incorporate bold patterns, colourful artwork, and statement pieces of equipment. 

7. Home Free Weights Room

Home gym ideas

For a home free weights room, the ideal equipment would be a dumbbell set, resistance bands, medicine balls, a bench, and a doorway pull-up bar. You can use a garage or spare room to create a home free weights room. Consider investing in thick rubber gym tiles if you plan on lifting very heavy weights. This will help to protect your flooring and make your equipment last longer. 

8. Small Space Exercise Nook

Home gym ideas

You don’t need a whole room to build a fitness space. You can create an exercise nook in any room of the house. All you need is some multi functional pieces of equipment like dumbbells and kettle bells. Use a room divider to chisel out a section of the bedroom or living room for your workout. Put up some small shelves to organised your gear. 


The home fitness craze isn’t going anywhere soon. There are so many ways you can create the home gym of your dreams. Whether you have a small nook in the living room or a dedicated room to transform into a yoga oasis, you can build a space that motivates you to work out and stay healthy.

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