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Rubber Matting Roll: The Surprising Benefits in Everyday Use

Rubber Matting in a Garage, Gym, School and Medical Centre

Michael Geraghty |

You may not give much thought to the surfaces you walk on each day but some floor options are particularly helpful in maintaining comfort indoors and protecting us from injury, among other benefits that we don’t consider.

In this article, we look at the importance of Rubber Matting Roll in everyday use.  We also look at the main benefits of using Rubber Matting across many industries and functions.

What is Rubber Matting Roll?

Rubber matting roll is a flooring material used in residential, industrial and commercial settings. The roll is made up of sheets of recycled SBR and EPDM rubber and comes in various lengths and designs, as well as many thicknesses to suit different purposes, usually between 2mm to 12mm. Different surface options are also available for example, in an industrial setting, rubber roll with a gridded or raised coin pattern may be used for extra slip prevention.  

Rubber Matting roll provides traction and cushion, making it an ideal choice for areas where people will be exercising, walking, running, or standing for extended periods of time. Rubber matting roll also helps protect the subfloor from damage caused by heavy loads, weight drops, accidental falls and spillages.

Rubber matting roll is a material made from vulcanized rubber. It has been treated with high heat and pressure to form a strong and durable material that is perfect for use in industrial areas in particular. 

Rubber matting rolls can protect floors and surfaces, reduce vibrations and noise, provide insulation against heat and cold, guard against electrical shocks, and even stop static electricity buildup. It is also resistant to abrasion and chemicals and has a long lifespan.

Rubber matting roll is an essential part of any business or commercial space. It helps keep floors safe from slips and trips, provides cushioning for foot traffic, and can extend the lifespan of the flooring surface. A rubber matting roll is a great choice to protect your floors from damage and wear.

Types of Rubber Matting Roll 

Some of the popular types of rubber matting rolls are:

  • Anti-fatigue matting - Anti-fatigue matting is a specific type of rubber roll designed for comfort. These mats are usually made from a mixture of rubber and foam material that compresses and rebounds to help cushion the feet and disperse weight evenly over the feet, relieving pressure from standing for long periods of time. The anti-fatigue properties of these mats can help reduce stress in the feet and legs, improving posture and a better sense of well-being.

  • Shock Absorbent Rubber Matting - This type of rubber matting roll is widely used in Gyms and Sports Centres to protect users while exercising.  It protects injury from high impact movements as well as protecting the floor and the gym equipment from damage.

  • Slip-resistant rolls - Slip-resistant rubber matting roll is especially important in businesses with wet conditions, such as restaurants, commercial kitchens, and bars as well as areas with heavy foot traffic and high operations such as factories and warehouses.  The rubber material acts like a cushion for the feet, providing ample traction for employees working in slippery spaces. It also helps prevent slips and falls due to its anti-slip properties.

  • Drainage mats - Drainage mats are made from rubber and are designed to provide a slip-resistant surface while allowing water to drain away. They can be used in any environment prone to wetness or moisture from horse stables to residential bathrooms and utility spaces. These mats have tiny holes throughout their structure that allows the water to run through quickly and easily, making them ideal for areas where proper drainage is important.

  • Grease-proof mats - Grease-proof mats provide a safe surface for working in areas prone to spilled oil and grease. Rubber matting roll is the perfect solution for creating a slip-resistant, grease-proof work area. It helps protect workers from slipping on slippery surfaces and keeps accidents to a minimum. It also stops oils and other liquids from spreading around an area and contaminating other surfaces.

These are just some common types of rubber matting rolls available on the market. Regardless of what type you need, these mats are essential for any business or home looking to ensure safety and comfort. Rubber matting roll is an affordable and reliable way to ensure your premises are kept safe, comfortable, and secure.

Benefits and Advantages of using Rubber Matting Roll

Now that you know what rubber matting roll is and some of the main types, here are the key benefits of using this versatile floor solution.

1. Ultra-durable and suitable for high-impact activities

Rubber mats are extremely durable and can withstand heavy-duty use in various activities, including weightlifting and gymnastics. The durability of the rubber matting roll makes it a great choice for areas with high traffic and needing to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear. If you’re looking for a mat that can handle heavy equipment, repeated use and gym machines such as Spin Bikes and Treadmills, rubber matting does an excellent job of supporting apparatus as well as protecting the environment and user.

2. Seamless appearance

Rubber matting roll can be cut to any length or shape with a uniform and seamless finish. This allows for aesthetically pleasing flooring that won’t require any extra maintenance. It also helps to avoid trip hazards and other safety issues caused by uneven surfaces. A rubber mat rolls out flat and retains position during movement and activity.

3. Greater water resistance

Rubber matting roll is great for areas where you need water resistance. It’s waterproof and can be used in garages, basements, and bathrooms. Since it’s impermeable to water, moisture won’t be able to seep through into the underlying surface. The rubber flooring rolls will keep your floors dry and free from water damage. If your home or business is prone to moisture, the rubber matting roll can give you peace of mind that your floors and belongings are protected.

4. Affordable price

Rubber matting roll is budget-friendly, although prices can vary depending on the thickness and design of your roll.   Its affordable price makes it a great choice for many people looking to upgrade their existing flooring or need something functional and durable at a lower cost. Rubber flooring rolls can often cost less than other types of flooring, allowing you to save money while still enjoying the benefits and convenience it offers.

5. Easy installation

Rubber matting roll is also fairly easy to install. This makes rubber matting an ideal choice for businesses looking to make a permanent flooring solution in their facility. In addition, installation is relatively easy for DIY-ers; all you need are the right tools and materials, such as a utility knife, tape measure, and adhesive.

6. Environmentally friendly

Rubber matting roll is made from 100% recycled rubber material, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Not only that, but these mats are also free from harmful toxins such as PVC and other chemicals or allergen materials which can be dangerous to people’s health.

Rubber matting rolls are naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens, making them a great choice for homes and workplaces. Furthermore, as these mats are made from recycled rubber, it helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. 

7. Easy to maintain and clean

Rubber matting roll is extremely easy to take care of - use a vacuum or damp mop to remove any dirt or debris. This makes it ideal for environments where hygiene is critical, such as kitchens, bathrooms, public gyms and medical facilities. 

8. Safe and comfortable

We can ensure that our rubber matting roll is safe and comfortable for people. The anti-slip surface prevents slips, trips, and falls, while the cushioning helps reduce impact forces when walking or standing on it. This makes it an ideal choice for areas where personnel frequently move around with heavy items, such as warehouses, factories, workshops, and other industrial settings.

As you can see, rubber matting roll offers many benefits, making it a great choice for any home or business. It is affordable, easy to install and maintain, environmentally friendly, and, most importantly, safe and comfortable. With all of these advantages in mind, it’s no wonder why rubber matting roll is widely used.

Most Popular Uses for Rubber Matting Roll

Rubber matting roll is a versatile and useful material in many different scenarios. It can be used indoors and outdoors in both professional and recreational applications. From gym floors to anti-fatigue mats, rubber matting roll provides cushioning, durability, and protection from slips or falls. Here are some of the most popular uses of rubber matting rolls.

  1. Gym floors 

  2. Playground surfaces 

  3. Industrial Buildings 

  4. Residential Garages, Utility Rooms and Bathrooms

  5. Stables & Pet Areas 

  6. Car Showrooms & Event Spaces

  7. Hospitals & Childcare Spaces

  8. Hospitality - Kitchens and Bars


The uses of rubber matting rolls are endless and can be used in virtually any situation. It's a great way to protect your floors from wear and tear and provide cushioning and slip resistance for athletes or pets. 

Whether using them in gyms, playgrounds, or an animal shelter,  a rubber matting roll is an important and versatile material that ensures safety while being easy to care for.


Rubber matting roll is an ideal choice for various industries as well as domestic use.  With its multi-purpose benefits and protective qualities, rubber matting rolls are a simple but effective floor solution that offers a number of benefits.  They are affordable, easy to maintain and come in a variety of colours, designs and textures which complement all types of settings when you need practicality as well as aesthetic appeal.

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