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The Three Most Popular Strength Training Mats

Margaret-Anne Leckie |

Strength training mats

If you’re looking to upgrade your home free weight area or integrate strength training into your routine, buying the right gym mat is a great place to start. The foundation you create for strength training plays a role in your workout. As with most fitness or exercise, safety and proper form are crucial. 


In this article: 

  • What Equipment Do You Need for Strength Training?
  • How Can You Add Strength Training to Your Routine?
  • 3 Most Popular Strength Training Gym Mats 
Strength training mats

What Equipment Do You Need for Strength Training?

Strength training mats

When it comes to strength training, the equipment you need can vary. The one thing that all strength training involves is suitable free weights flooring. For strength training, you work out using just your body or adding weights to your exercise routine. Equipment that’s useful for strength training include: 


  • Thick strength training gym mats 
  • Dumbbells 
  • Resistance bands 
  • Barbells and weight plates 
  • Weight machines 


You can strength train in a variety of different ways. Whatever you choose to use, weightlifting or machines, they tend to be heavy. That means that equipment can easily mark your flooring if you don’t have the right foundation. Your gym flooring products set you up for safe exercise as rubber flooring is shock absorbent, anti-fatigue, and non-slip. 

How Can You Add Strength Training to Your Routine?

Strength training mats


A well-balanced workout routine includes strength training. Regular strength training can benefit your bones, joints, muscles, and overall longevity. Strength training is also known as resistance or weight training. During an exercise session, you target specific muscle groups using external resistance. 


Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders and those lifting extremely heavy weights. It’s something that everyone can incorporate into their fitness routine. Here are a few ideas on how you can add strength training to your fitness regime:


  • Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, planks, pull-ups, and squats. 
  • Start lifting weights with a barbell and weight plates 
  • Invest in a weights machine 
  • Head to your nearest gym for a strength training session 
  • Try a strength training workout with resistance bands 

3 Most Popular Strength Training Gym Mats 

Strength training mats


The good thing about strength training gym mats is that they support weight machines, free weights, and bodyweight exercises. However you like to incorporate strength training into your workouts, strength training gym mats can support your workout type

1. 40mm and 60mm Sprung Antishock Rubber Gym Mats 

Strength training mats


If you’re looking for the perfect combination of affordability and durability, then the Sprung Antishock Rubber Gym Mats are ideal. Although they range in thicknesses, 40mm and 60mm are the best sizes for strength training. Basically, the heavier the weights, the thicker the mat. These gym tiles are shock absorbent, non-slip, and great for sound insulation. 

2. Heavy Duty Rubber Gym Flooring

Strength training mats


Another strength training gym mat option is our Heavy Duty Rubber Gym Flooring. These tiles are 30mm thick and are ideal for weightlifting, strength training, and a variety of workout types. Rubber gym flooring is perfect for home gyms and commercial settings, depending on your needs. 

3. Sprung Konnecta Self-Locking Gym Tiles  

Strength training mats


Sprung Konnecta Self-Locking Gym Mats come in 20mm and 30mm. As a premium flooring solution for professional gym and training areas, the quality HD rubber offers maximum structural support. These tiles are super easy to install with a self-locking mechanism. The Konnecta gym tiles can handle medium to heavy weights, functional training, and strength and conditioning workouts. 

Whether you invest in dumbbells, barbells, or weights machines, it’s important that you find a strength training gym mat to support your workout. If you plan on starting heavy weightlifting or Olympic weightlifting, opt for a thick gym tile as this will help to reduce sound and absorb shock from regularly dropping weights.  


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