Sprung Life Newsletter - 31st January 2024

Quiz Question: The Fosbury Flop is a technique used in which sport?


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Tweet of the Week: Great share by @JerryTeixeira on why being present is so important for our general, everyday happiness. 

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Workout:  Have you always wanted to try Yoga but unsure where to begin?  This 10m beginners session by Adrienne is a great intro for getting to grips on the basics without committing to a class or full-blown workout.  It focuses mostly on the breathing techniques and body-positioning which are also excellent tools for mindfulness and mental stability.

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Dose of Inspiration:

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Spotted on Instagram: 

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1. Recipe:  Creamy Vegan Tomato & Roasted Vegetable Risotto from Wallflower Kitchen is a feel-good, winter warmer that celebrates the wonderful flavours of fresh tomatoes and seasonal veg in all its glory. Quick and easy to rustle together, this one is sure to be a winner with all the family. Quick Tip: Add slices of Chorizo for extra protein. 


2. Kit:  Best Barbell Storage: Barbell Shelf Rack from SuperStrong Fitness £75.  Organise your Home Gym in 2024 with this ultra durable wall mounted barbell shelf unit.  It holds 8 olympic barbells up to 7ft and has PVC protected brackets to prevent damage keeping your kit in top order. 


3. Article: Stoicism on Tiktok promises happiness - but the ancient philosophers who came up with it had something very different in mind - Anna Walker - The Conversation - Intrigued about the trending topic of Stoicism?  Read this short article covering the origins of the concept and how it differs from the current Tiktokers outlook.

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What are We Listening To?: The Mind, Money & Soul Podcast (Laura Ann Moore) is an excellent source of insight and practical tips on how to manage money, whether you're a chronic overspender or clueless about pensions.

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Share your Gym Space: 

Name: Tulum Jungle Gym

Where?: Tulum, Mexico

Decor: Beach Shack Vibes

Equipment: All kit is made from Bamboo, Wood and Stone made from local artisans

We Love: The posey bodybuilder types who visit

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Promo: Explore our Shed Flooring Tiles in 15mm or 20mm -  whether it's for a Home Gym, Work Station or Hobby Space, we've got you covered.  Looking to add an outdoor area? Browse our Patio Tiles here.

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