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Why are Gym Flooring Mats so Important?

Man working out on plyo box on gym flooring

Michael Geraghty |

If you've ever been to a commercial gym, you know that the floor is often filled with mats of various sizes and colours and textures.   But have you ever wondered why those mats are there? It turns out that they serve a variety of important purposes.


In this article, we'll take a closer look at why gym flooring mats are so important - and how they can benefit your workouts. So if you've ever been curious about the importance of gym floor mats, read on to find out more.

What are Gym Flooring Mats?

A gym floor mat is an item of protective flooring often made from rubber or foam that can be used in gyms and other exercise spaces to provide a comfortable and safe environment for physical activity.

Gym floor mats are designed to absorb impact, protect against slips and falls, reduce noise, protect equipment from damage, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of a space.


They come in various colours and thickness and may be installed permanently or temporarily on floors. In addition to protecting from injury, gym floor mats provide a comfortable exercise surface. They help reduce muscle fatigue and strain, allowing users to perform their exercises more easily and efficiently. For this reason, they are an essential element of any workout space.

Gym floor mats come in various materials and thicknesses, so selecting the right kind for your exercise needs is important. Heavier-duty gym floor mats are typically more durable and provide more protection, while lighter foam mats may be easier to move around and store when not in use. 

They can also create a larger, one-piece workout surface that can easily be moved around when needed. When selecting a gym floor mat, it's important to consider the type of exercise you'll be doing and the environment in which you plan to use it. This will help determine the best material and thickness for your needs.

Advantages of Using Gym Flooring Mats 

Gym flooring mats are an essential part of any gym or workout space. Not only do these mats provide a comfortable surface for exercising, but they can also help protect the floor below from damage. Here are some of the top benefits of using gym flooring mats:

1. Shock absorption

Gym flooring mats are important because they are designed to absorb shock, which is especially useful during exercises where you have to jump or lift weights. Shock absorption also helps reduce the risk of injury from falls and slips. Most commercial gyms use rubber mats because of their superior shock absorption properties. Shock absorbent mats can help to reduce fatigue and help you work out longer.


2. Noise Reduction

Home gym setup and workouts can be noisy. The impact of our feet on the floor, equipment like weights and treadmills, and music we might listen to while exercising will all create noise that can reverberate throughout our homes and disrupt those nearby. 

Gym flooring mats act as sound absorbers, reducing or eliminating sound, so it doesn't disturb our neighbours or family members. Mats will also help keep the noise in your home gym down to a manageable level, making it more enjoyable for you to work out without being distracted by excess noise.

3. Safety and Comfort

Most weight room flooring mats are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Mats can provide extra cushioning and support for gym-goers, helping to reduce the risk of injuries or general discomfort during workouts. 

Specifically designed mats can also help protect against pain or fatigue caused by hard surfaces like concrete or wood. The gym flooring mats can also provide a non-slip surface, especially if you perform exercises requiring fast movements or juggling heavy weights. This added protection can give gym-goers peace of mind while they work out.

4. Easy installation 

These mats are generally very easy to install. Most come in tiles or mats that are pre-cut and and or with interlocking edges so that they can be installed quickly by any DIYer. This means you won't need to pay extra for an installer and can save time on the installation process. Home gyms can be set up in no time using these mats. With a little bit of effort, you will have your ideal gym space ready right away and can start working out straight away.

5. Cost-effective

A great aspect of gym flooring mats is that they are more cost-effective than other options. For example, compared to hardwood floors or carpeted floors, gym floor mats are much less expensive and can be purchased in bulk for a discounted price. Gym floor mats also require far less maintenance than other types of flooring, and their lifespan is generally much longer. Investing in gym floor mats is a wise decision for any gym or fitness facility looking to save money in the long run. It is also important to note that gym floor mats are resistant to damage, so they can help keep the cost of repairs down.

6. Hygienic

While working out, you're bound to sweat. This moisture can get into the crevices of your workout area and provide a great breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Gym flooring mats are designed with special textures that help prevent the growth of these organisms, thus keeping your space clean and hygienic.

Additionally, many gym flooring mats come with built-in antimicrobial protection, further helping to keep your environment germ-free.

7. Durable

Gym flooring mats are incredibly durable and can withstand years of use without deteriorating. This makes them a great investment as they will give you many years of use, and you won't have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. This durability also means that gym floor mats are resistant to water, making them ideal for people who work out frequently and perspire heavily.  A rubber flooring mat is also resistant to wear and tear, meaning you won't have to worry about scuffing or fading over time.


8. Easy to clean

The mats are easy to clean with common household cleaning products. Gym floor mats are also resistant to most chemicals, so harsh detergents or cleaning solutions won't damage them although we always advise on using a neutral PH cleaner. With a quick wipe-down and light scrub, gym floor mats can look as good as new in no time.

These are just some of the many reasons gym flooring mats are important. Not only do they provide safety and comfort, but they are also cost-effective, durable, and hygienic. Investing in gym flooring mats is a great choice for creating an efficient and comfortable workout area at home. 

Different Types of Gym Flooring Mats

Most gym flooring mats are rubber, but a few other options are available depending on your needs. The most common types of gym flooring mats are:

  • Interlocking foam mats - Interlocking foam mats are a popular type of gym flooring mat, in particular for training disciplines such as Martial Arts and Boxing. These provide a cushioned, comfortable surface to work out on and also help protect floors from damage caused by heavy equipment and impact. They can be used in any room with a hardwood, tile, or concrete floor and provide a great way to cushion impact while allowing proper balance during exercises. The mats come in various colours and textures, making them perfect for specialist gyms for Boxing, MMA and Gymnastics.

  • Puzzle mats - Puzzle mats are perfect for home gyms and smaller spaces as they interlock to form one large surface and are simple to install. They come in rubber and foam options and are great for cushioning while offering stability and traction throughout your workout. They also make it easy to clean the mat, simply take apart the pieces and wash them separately. 

  • Rubber flooring - Rubber is one of the best materials for gym floors as it absorbs shock well and provides excellent traction for any equipment. It also offers safety protection for any athlete and helps protect the floor from heavy equipment, dropping items, and other accidents. Rubber gym flooring is easy to install and can come in different formats such as tiles, rolls and varying mat sizes which can interlock with special hidden inserts or by butting together.

  • PVC Modular Tiles - Typically used in sports and court games, PVC modular tiles are made from flexible, rubberised PVC usually in a grid or mesh design which interlock to form a playing surface.  These can also be used for fitness applications and outdoor workouts.

  • Artificial Sports Turf - Sports turf comes in the form of sprint tracks and sled tracks or in sheets to cover larger areas of a gym for activities such as Crossfit and Interval Training.  They are made from flexible but hardwearing fibres that replicate the look of natural grass and support various activities.

Whether you're looking for gym flooring mats for your home gym, fitness centre, or studio, there are plenty of options. Each type of mat offers a different level of cushioning and protection while allowing you to get the most out of your workout. With so many great options available, you can find the perfect gym flooring mats to suit your space and meet your needs.


Overall, gym flooring mats are important for protecting athletes and their practice floors. They provide a soft surface that protects against injury and helps reduce noise levels, making it possible for athletes to concentrate better. 


Additionally, gym flooring mats help to protect the floors from damage due to heavy equipment or falling weights. Gym mats also help to keep a room organised and clean, providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Investing in gym flooring mats can provide long-term advantages and is essential to running any gym or fitness facility.

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